Supplementary Java Applets on
Decomposition and Synthesis

Applet on Operations with Partitions

Applet demonstrates adding and multiplication operations with two partitions


Applet on Homomorphism

Applet finds homomorphic image of the automaton by entered partition


Applet on the Operator M

Applet calculates operator M. Operator M defines the largest amount of information which can be computed about the next state of automaton knowing only the block that contains the present state


Applet on Construction of an Abstract Network

Demostrates procedure of construction of abstract network, shows constructed component automata and relations in the network


Stochastic Explorer Applet

Applet represents a FSM/FSM network stochastic exploration tool, providing users with a possibility to carry out some entropic evaluations of FSMs


Applet on Partitions Search for Decomposition

Applet illustrates the technique of construction of partitions that can be used for decomposition of the automata into network with distribution of inputs


Last update: 28 July, 2004