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The project "DILDIS - Distance Learning on Digital Systems" is a co-work of researchers and students of Tallinn University of Technology and Technical University of Ilmenau. It combines Tallinn University of Technology experience in the field of testing and diagnostics of digital microelectronics and the creation of training systems, and also Technical University of Ilmenau experience in the creation of interactive, communication-oriented learning modules in the area of digital systems, that were realized in the project "SANE" / 1/, / 2/.

The main goal of the "DILDIS" project is to create a web-based tutorial for the consolidation of course topics and for preparation for examinations and practical training. As a result of this project learning modules will be developed. These modules will be available over the Internet in several languages. The web pages contain a theoretical, a hyperlinked text part and an interactive, action based part for practical experiments in the form of Java Applets. The applets can be used also as independent modules.

General benefits of web-based training are:



Tallinn University of Technology
Department of Computer Engineering
Chair of Computer Engineering and Diagnostics
Chair of Digital Systems Design

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12618 Tallinn, Estonia

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Raimund Ubar General concept, coordination, promotion
Artur Jutman Concept development, coordination, labs, promotion, dissemination, maintenance artur@pld.ttu.ee
Aleksander Sudnitson Concept development, theoretical background, work organization, promotion
Sergei Devadze Java Applets on Decomposition and RT Level Design & Test, site maintenance
Elmet Orasson Java Applet on Test and Diagnostics elmet@pld.ttu.ee
Ruslan Gorjachev Java Applet on Boundary Scan, schematic & BDD editor
Vjacheslav Rosin Java Applet on Boundary Scan, site maintenance el_break@gmx.net
Alexei Levenko Java Applets on Decomposition alexei.levenko.001@mail.ee
Dmitri Andreev
Java Applets on Decomposition
Tarmo Robal
Web Design
Natalja Mazurova
Exercises, site maintenance


Julia Smahtina Exercises el_break@gmx.net
Elena Fomina
Promotion, publications



TUI Technical University of Ilmenau
Faculty of Informatics and Automation
Department of Integrated Hard- and Software Systems
98684 Ilmenau/Thüringen, Germany
Postbox 100565
Helmholtzplatz 1
+49 3677 2820

Heinz-Dietrich Wuttke Project management and methodology wuttke@theoinf.tu-ilmenau.de
Karsten Henke Connection to the GIFT project henke@theoinf.tu-ilmenau.de
Todor Vangelov Connection to the REASON project peukert@theoinf.tu-ilmenau.de
Jürgen Schmidt Technical Support schmidt@theoinf.tu-ilmenau.de


The project was started in June 1999, being sponsored by the Thuringian Ministry for Science, Research and Culture.

Last update: 3 August, 2004