eesti keeles
Generic (15.3 kB)
Minimalistic WIN32 application.
GenericUpd (17.7 kB)
Somewhat less minimalistic WIN32 application - status bar added
Winsock (32.5 kB)
Simple winsock programming example - client and server
Coolbar (28.2 kB)
WIN32 application which has Internet Explorer style toolbar and standard File Open dialog
Coolbar2 (37 kB)
Second version of the previous program - added status bar and RichEdit control. Also demonstrates how to customize standard dialogs through hook functions and how to load files into RichEdit controls.
TrayIcon (24.1 kB)
WIN32 application which resides in the system tray
MainDlg (7.3 kB)
Minimal dialog-based WIN32 application
SvcMgr (98.5 kB)
Command line application which shows how to communicate with Windows NT/2000 services. GPLed.

Last update: April 2000
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