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D C E : Dalmatian Club of Estonia
New official homepage of DCE

Here you can find some information about Estonian dalmatians:

TOP-DAL: Best Show-dalmatians of Estonia in 1999 - 2005

DCE second special dog-show (CAC) for dalmatians "DAL-2000" (10.06.2000) in Tallinn (results)
DCE first special dog-show (CAC) for dalmatians: "DAL-1998" (16.08.1998) in Niitvälja (results)

Some papers from our club magazine (1998-2000) SPOTTY WORLD (TÄPILINE MAAILM)   (Sorry, in estonian only!)
NB! In 2001 club's magazine was renamed. A new name of magazine is now "Dalmaatsia koer".

You can find information about dalmatians:
Kennel EXLIBRIS CANES homepage
EXLIBRIS CANES about the dals (incl. lot of DAL-LINKS)

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