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Peeter Ellervee

Ph.D., Dipl.Eng.

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Department of Computer Systems
Tallinn University of Technology
Akadeemia tee 15a, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone:(+372) 620 2258
Fax:(+372) 620 2253
E-mail: LRV (at)
peeter.ellervee (at)


Complete list, sorted by the publication date.

Check also department's research related list of "Calls for Papers".


Some old courses (but with useful references):

Topics for Graduation Theses

Theses topics both for bachelor and master level students.

Theses topics from Department of Computer Systems.

Research & Teaching

Various presentations.

xTractor - a prototype High-Level Synthesis tool for control and memory intensive systems (CMIST).

Useful stuff both for research and teaching.


Original free software, mostly utilities, created as side products of my main activities:

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